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Friday, April 19, 2013

Saying Goodbye To Google Reader

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Since I'm seeing headlines and post titles like "Google Killing Google Reader" and "Google Reader Alternatives" all over the place, I'm sure that most of you are now aware that Google will be "retiring" it's popular RSS reader, as of July of this year. (2013) That means that GR users will have to find a new place to subscribe to and organize our various guilty reading pleasures. There are plenty of other options out there, but I was unfamiliar with many of them and had no idea which direction I was going to take once Google Reader was gone, so I started looking into it further.

If you're a more hands off blogger when it comes to "techy things" and/or you're not familiar with readers or RSS feed subscriptions, click HERE for a cute little video, called "RSS in Plain English" that describes in basic terms what it's all about. Keep in mind that the video was made shortly after readers became available on the web and way before Google decided to retire GR.

During the course of my research, I noticed that several bloggers have been asking their current RSS subscribers to re-subscribe or re-follow them on Bloglovin'. Now, both of my blogs are available through Bloglovin' and I currently follow several blogs there myself, but it's a pretty basic service and doesn't really have all of the tools that I'm used to for organizing and managing my subscriptions.

I also realised that it's possible that not all of the good folks who subscribe to my blogs, have (or want to sign up for) a Bloglovin' account. Of course, if you have a Bloglovin' account and you wish to follow me there, I'd be honored.

Well, I continued my research and I've found a reader that I'm happy with. I've switched over to Feedly.com  So, why did I choose **Feedly?

1) It's the closest thing that I've found, both in layout and in function, to GR.

2) When you sign up, (which is free, btw) Feedly gives you the option to automatically import all of your files from your GR account. I don't think it took more than a minute to import all of my subscriptions and I'll still be able to access them on GR, if I change my mind. (At least until GR ends in July)

3) They've recently added a feature called the "Feedly Mini" that places a small semi-transparent icon in the bottom right corner of your browser, that allows you to share a post, recipe, article, etc. from a website or blog to Facebook, Twitter, Buffer, G+ or even email it to a friend... all with just a couple of clicks of your mouse. You can choose (in your preferences) to enable it, or not.

4) Feedly.com has been around since 2008 and it's growing and gaining tons of new users every day, so I feel pretty confident that they're not going anywhere, any time soon.

5) Feedly is "Cloud Based" and is available for iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, so it's both mobile and desktop friendly.

If you'd like to check Feedly out for yourself, just click HERE.

I also found a pretty extensive list of available readers and a brief review of each, from a fellow named Jared at HostDime blog. You can go check his post out by clicking HERE.

If you're currently a GR user, which reader/subscription option are you planning to use to replace it?

**This is not an endorsement for Feedly.com and I have not been compensated in any way for mentioning them in my post. The opinions expressed are my own and are meant only to inform readers about my personal preferences/choice.

If you currently subscribe to either of my blogs through GR, I'd be honored to have you continue that subscription through another source. Both of my blogs will continue to be available through other RSS readers and through email, Bloglovin' and any/all of the other "follow" options in my sidebar or in the social media bar at the top of the page. (Go Ahead Take A Bite is the only blog that currently has a social media bar. I'm working on one for Spilled On The Kitchen Table at the moment)


  1. This is sad to say but I have no idea what your talking about. My friend set up my blog for me. I am not great with computers. I know I am at blogspot.com,but that's it. Thanks for the heads up. I'll give her a call tonight.

  2. Hey Michelle... Not to worry. I've heard from other bloggers who aren't familiar with RSS either. If you want to add the ability for people to subscribe to your blog through an RSS reader (which is what Google Reader and Feedly etc. are) you just need to:

    Go to your Blogger Dashboard

    Choose "Layout" from the drop down menu.

    Click on "Add a Gadget".

    A window will pop up with several available gadgets (also called widgets) that you can add to your blog.

    Scroll down until you find "Subscription Links" and click on the plus sign.

    You can leave the title as "Subscribe To" or change it to what you want, like "Subscribe To Michelle's Little Piece Of Heaven" etc.

    Click "Save".

    You can then drag the gadget to any spot that you like in your sidebar by hovering your curser over the box, then holding down the left mouse clicker on the gadget and dragging it to the place that you want it to show on your blog.

    It won't show up on your live blog until you click on "Save Arrangement" up at the top, and you can click on "Preview" to see how it will look before you save it permenantly. (A new window will pop up with the preview in it)

    Once you have it where you want it, click "Save Arrangement" and you're done!

    Hope this helps. If you have any questions at all, just let me know, OK? Have a great weekend! ~Mary

  3. Thanks for the help. I need all that I can get when it comes to lap tops.

    1. You're welcome, Michelle! If you have any other questions, I'd be happy to help, if I can. :~)

  4. Cooooool! Thanks for the advice since I have no idea what I'm doing here most of the time. That's why I have a point & click type blog - easy! I will try Feedly and also adding that gadget widget whateverit to my website to give people options, too!

    1. You're very welcome! I believe they give you a step by step for Wordpress, Blogger and a couple of other blog platforms, so it shouldn't be too bad. If you have any trouble, just let me know, OK? XO

  5. (this may be a duplicate comment) - but thank you for the help. I know zipola about this stuff and am glad you posted before it was too late. I'm also going to add a widget gadget whateveret to my blog! Thanks!!

    1. Not exactly a duplicate comment, but as I said in the other reply, I'd be glad to try and help out if you run into any snags. By the way, I think you're selling yourself short, my friend. Your posts always have lots of finesse and look very professional. I'd never guess that you didn't know "zipola". :~)


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