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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Little Irish Ditty (or two) ~ STMUSS

OK... I'm totally dense. I had my days all goofed up and didn't realize that there will be a St. Paddy's Day STMUSS. ON St. Paddy's Day! DUH, Me! I'm gonna leave this as it is though. I'm sure I can come up with a few more Irish songs for next weekend. ;~)

Grace Gifford Plunkett

Erin Go Bragh! and Top O' The Mornin' to ye! It's time for Songs That Make Us Drin... eh, Sing Saturday!

Now, if you know me at all, you're most likely aware that I'm an Irish lass. (I'm actually an American Irish lass, for the sake of keeping it real) Being as such, I have a particular fondness for all things Irish and of course, that includes whiskey and beer a good old fashioned Irish ditty. What's a ditty? Well, it depends on who you ask, but for most of us it's a jaunty little song that you drink sing along to.  Seeing as this is the closest STMUSS to St. Paddy's Day, I thought I'd share an old drink... erm, sing-along song from my misspent youth....

...and since I used to do a lot of drin... ehm, singing back in those days, I'll throw in a couple more of my favorites, just for good luck.

I hope you enjoy these little ditty's and even if you don't...

May you be in Heaven a half hour before the devil knows you're dead.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! (Please try to listen to the last song, if you have a moment. It's one of the best Irish ballads ever written)

Here's one that's a wee bit less bawdy. It's a song that generally gets played early in the mornin' toward the end of the night when everyone's getting ready to head home.  I've sobbed into a few pints over this one....

Here's the link to the party. Come on along and join us. If not for me, at least do it for Grace...

Clich HERE or HERE to join!


  1. Oh Mary! What great song choices. I ain't Irish but Iza gots me some Nova Scotia friends and when weee be driving in the K-a-r-r to get to da B-a-r-r...LOL...ee listen to very similar tunes!

    :) Smile on my face this morn!

  2. OMG! I had never heart the last song before...BEAUTIFUL! Tragic...

  3. MY! I remember that Unicorn song and Druken Sailor!! And oh my gosh - Grace. Wow. Just wow. So sad.

    Love this post.


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