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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Summer Is Just Around Th... What?

This is my first foray into the "(Pretty Much) World Famous Mama Kat's Writing Workshop", so I hope I'm doing this the right way. The prompt that I chose for today's post is #5 ~ Share a photo from last summer that brings you back.

Although I chose this prompt on Tuesday, when the sun was shining and we were enjoying an almost "snowless" winter here in the Northeast, it turns out that it couldn't have been a more appropriate choice or come at a better time.

This is what's going on outside my window as I type this post:

While I sit here trying to recall the warmth of the summer sun and the sweet smelling flowers in the baskets and boxes on my porch and deck, tears are dripping steadily into my Nantucket Blend and I'm debating whether to shoot myself or just run out in front of the next truck that comes rumbling down the street with a load of *snirt in it's plow blade. *snow + dirt = snirt 

OK. Not really. I'm much too vain to have a closed casket and after the bullet or the snowplow did their messy best to put me out of this misery, I wouldn't have a choice, now would I? Besides... I knew this was coming. I told my hubby that he wouldn't be out on the golf course quite as soon as he'd hoped to be. (is it wrong that I took a little bit of joy in the tellin'?) This is Murphy's Law at it's nastiest and it happens every. freakin'. time. that we've had a "mild winter" here in the Northeast.

So, I guess I'm going to have to keep looking longingly at those photos from last summer and reminding myself that March 1st snowfalls never stick around for long.  Who knows, maybe the temperature will suddenly shoot up to 70 degrees and it'll all be gone by tomorrow morning and the sun will come out and... Oh, who the he!! am I kidding? The weather man said that it's supposed to keep coming down until the wee hours of tomorrow morning, with further accumulations of up to 2-3 inches of this cold, wet crap.

I guess I'd better keep those summer photos handy...

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. My gosh those are beautiful pics!! Makes me long for summer....

    BTW...you make me chuckle!

  2. Becca: Thanks! The tears have finally stopped and I'm doing my best to remember that this white stuff won't be around long. Glad I could bring a little chuckle to your day!

  3. I'm pretty sure spring is not coming because my dog offended it by trying to kill a groundhog this morning. :(

    Nice pics, you must have a beautiful garden!

  4. Camille: Oh No! I'm hoping the little guy didn't suffer too much. Dogs will be dogs, I guess. We may wish they didn't have those instincts but we can't help but still love 'em to pieces.

    Thanks for stopping by and for following! Hope to see you around here often! The pics are from my garden and my neighbor's. She has a much larger (and nicer) garden than I could ever pull off. Thankfully, she let's me hang out and take all the pics I want!


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