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Thursday, March 28, 2013

What's With All Of The Funky Comments Getting Through?

Howdy everyone!

Has anyone else been receiving a barrage of not quite legit comments that are slipping through Google's/Blogger's usually tight security?

The anonymous comments that were previously being snagged by Google's interweb police, before landing in my email account and the comments section of my blog, are now getting through. I'm seeing about 10 per day (or more) and if I didn't have comment moderation on at the moment, most of them would be publishing live to my blogs before I was able to catch them.

I admit they can be rather comical, with their attempts at using "blogese" to (I guess) make us think that we've suddenly gained a bunch of lovely new friends. You know... friends who just love what you've written in your new (or two year old) blog post, but they just happen to want to sell you everything from, shall we say, less than demure undergarments to children's books. In all honesty, with the creative new phrasing they've been using, if they didn't routinely butcher the translation, some of them might actually pass as bona fide bloggers. Almost....

So, being the nosy Shirley Holmes that I am, I went looking in the support forums for some kind of evidence that I was not alone in this new wave of visitors to my blogs. What I found, was a roll-up (ongoing) thread about this very situation. Seems it's a problem that's happening to folks all over the blogosphere.

Blogger/Google is asking people to leave their comments on this roll-up in the form of a question and answer type list. From what I've read, they suspect that it's a new form of (I dare not use "the word" ~ see photo above ~ due to the fear that this blog might be snatched away to cyber jail the way my other one was last January ~ you can read about that little nightmare, HERE) that's using sophisticated new ways to link back from our blogs to the varied sights they're promoting. I haven't seen any new responses from tech support in the thread recently, but there have been quite a few bloggers leaving new posts, recounting what they've been experiencing.

HERE is the link to the thread, in case you want to pop over there and let them know that it's happening to you too.

If this is happening to you, what have you been doing with these comments? Are you reporting them as, um... that "word"?

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  1. Let me just say that I am glad comment moderation is ON. And they are far more sophisticated than they used to be... ahem. Some of them even had ME questioning, "Is this what I think it is?" If not for the fact that it was Anonymous I would not know... They are getting better and better. And, no, I haven't been Reporting. I have just been Deleting. Actually, I have been marking it as the "bad word" when I submit it. hahaha.


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