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Saturday, March 3, 2012

God Only Knows.... ~ STMUSS

Howdy kids!

It's time for Songs That Make Us Sing Saturday!

I've been a huge fan of the Beach Boys for the better part of my life. I've probably seen them perform live a minimum of 10 times. On one of those occasions, not five minutes into the performance, the skies opened up and the rain came down in buckets. Nobody cared, though. We just grabbed whatever we could find to cover our heads, huddled together under flannel shirts, old picnic blankets and the occasional umbrella brought by someone who'd had enough brains to watch the weather report. And we sang our hearts out and our voices raw.

The Brothers Wilson and their band mates didn't seem to care either, because they belted out the same perfect harmonies and addictive melodies that they are still famous for today. It would have taken more than a little rain to stop this talented group of California musicians from giving their fans what they came for. Whether in the studio recording an album, or on stage on a hot, rainy night in August of 1976, the Beach Boys always delivered. That's why their music is still being played on radio stations around the world and downloaded onto the iPods of fans who range from 16 to 60. (and beyond)

Now, you know I can rarely stop at just one video on STMUS Saturdays. So, here are three versions of one of my very favorite Beach Boys classics, "God Only Knows".  All three are great, so if you have an extra couple of minutes, please try to give them all a listen.

Best known version from their 1966 album "Pet Sounds":

An a Capella version from the "Master Tape" for the album:

Brian Wilson from a concert in London in 2002:

Some of the very best things in life just keep getting better. Thank God for that.

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  1. How would you like to be able to say that Paul McCartney thinks one of your tune is HIS favorite? How cool would that be?

    It really is a beautiful song.

  2. Becca: I know, right? Paul McCartney and John Lennon even did a cover of this song. I probably should have included it in this post. (guess I was afraid that 3 was already a bit of overkill. LOL)

  3. I grew up with t he Beach Boys...one of my dad's favorites! LOVE THIS SONG and Brian "still" has it!

    Happy Weekend!

  4. Ginger: You're right. Brian had a rough time of it through the years (like quite a few celebs from that era) but he's pushed on and done more than a lot of them, in spite of it. His voice will forever be associated with some of the most iconic songs in music history.


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