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Saturday, May 5, 2012

You Can Never Go Back... Or Can You? STMUSS

(This was the yearbook from about 20 years before I graduated, but it looks pretty similar)

A long time ago, in a time and place that seems light years away from me now, I was a high school senior. At the beginning of that school year, we were asked to make an important decision before we graduated. A decision that could have a profound impact on our futures. It was something that we fretted about; something that kept our young, brilliant minds awake at night.

Yup, you guessed it... (insert blaring trumpets ~ da da-da daaaa!) The year book quote. (gasp!)

It should come as no surprise to those who know me relatively well, that my senior yearbook quote comes from a song. I know... Big surprise, right?

Can you guess which line or lines from this song I chose as my quote?  I'm not gonna spill it just yet, but I'll update this post on Monday with the answer.

Man... I hadn't heard that song in a very long time, but hearing it now that I'm just a little, ahem... older, had me a bit puzzled. On the one hand I was saying to myself, "what the hell was I thinking"? Then, on the other hand, when I consider the fact that I was 17 years old when I chose the quote, I pretty much get where I was coming from at the time.

There was a definite theme to the the Top 40 lineup of the day and I suppose it wasn't really much different than it is with today's music. There were a lot of songs about lost or unrequited love.... A running theme of the proverbial "woulda, coulda, shoulda" or "if only" platitudes, that seem to be the infinite mantra of teenage angst. Nope... Not really much different than it is today.

I found loads of oldies but goodies, while perusing Youtube for a decent version of Time Passes On.  I really spent way too much time futzing around,  playing one song after another, but I consider it time well spent. They say that you can't go back again, but I'm not sure that's entirely true. Because for an hour or two, it sure felt a lot like 1979 to me...

I still absolutely love this song....

Apparently, so does Dave...

Come on, you knew I just had to do "then and nows", right? ;~)  Here's another one...

The "old timers" never really get old, they just get better. (and maybe sometimes a bit more, um... "eccentric"?)

And... One more. (we can't forget the ladies, now can we?)

Ann and Nancy Wilson will never stop rockin'. They'll still sound like this in another 30 years...

Unfortunately, embedding was disabled for this video, but I beg you... Please click on the link to watch it.  Die hard Heart fan or not, you won't regret it.  I promise.


Of course I'm linking up with my good buddies Ginger and Becca for Songs That Make Us Sing Saturday. (Come on... What have I gotta do to get you guys to join us? Geeze! Ya really don't know what you're missing....)

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  1. I hope if you think of me you'll remember only harmony. That's my guess. Great lyric.

  2. You know me soooo well, Rob! You pretty much nailed it! LOL The only thing you kinda missed was the end... "I hope if you think of me, you'll remember only harmony... Time passes on" Good job!

  3. Oh my gosh! Heartbreak city - "We Just Disagree" !! Lady - oh you did good here. I LOVED Heart, too. What a great walk down memory lane!


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