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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Don't Ya Just Love That New Car Smell? ~ STMUSS

Good Morning!

OK, folks... I'm in a much better mood than I was for last week's Songs That Make Us Sing Saturday!  Why is that, Mary? (you might ask)

Here's a little hint...

Well, peeps... It's because we finally have our new car! Yep. A brandy new, Toyota RAV4 Limited V6 AWD, with all of the bells and whistles!! She has...

Leather... um, make that heated leather seats.
Power everything.
Keyless start Yup-per... Look Ma, no key!
Keyless entry
XM Satellite Radio
6 CD Changer
Tinted rear view mirror with integrated back-up camera
Hands free, bluetooth enabled phone, through the JBL stereo system
An I-Pod auxillary port
Several USB ports and
There's even a 120V plug adapter in the center console!!!
And a whole lot of other things that we haven't discovered or I've forgotten in all of the craziness.

Oh.... and she's a lovely metallic country (or maybe it's cornflower?) blue.

Wanna see her??  OK... Here she is!!

I hope our new neighbors don't mind that we got their work in progress in the photo. They're in the process of totally gutting and remodeling the house and saving our neighborhood from the "party house" that we've been living next to for the last 5 years. We don't know them very well yet, but we already LOVE them for that!

Our Passat was a lighter silver blue metallic. I initially wanted the gorgeous claret red version that they had, but hubbs wasn't a fan. I honestly don't know what he has against the color red... OK So he won that battle. This time.

She's sooo shiny!

Of course, any car that we bought just HAD to have room for Hubby's precious golf clubs and his fancy, schmancy new bag and push cart. That will be properly tested out this morning, of course.

Don't ya just love those shiny alloy wheels? (truth be told, that wasn't exactly a top selling point for me, but hubbs seemed to need them. whatevs...)

Ooops! I guess my cane wanted it's picture taken too.

The command center. So much to explore...

So, folks... There you have it! I'm so happy to finally be getting rid of that horribly uncomfortable rental car.  It was getting just a tiny bit annoying to have to have hubby help me get out of the passenger seat every. single. time.  we went somewhere. (you'd be surprised how important one of those little "grab handle" thingys above the door can be for someone with physical limitations)

Anywhooo.... Of course, I'm linking up with my good buddies Ginger and Becca for Songs That Make Us Sing Saturday! Why don't you come and join us?? We really do have a lot of fun checking out each other's videos every week. I mean, who doesn't love a great mix of music and a little story behind why the music was chosen on a Saturday morning?? (or afternoon, or evening, or whenever you have the chance to stop by and visit everyone)

Songs That Make Us Sing

So... Since I rarely EVER post just one video for STMUSS, here are a couple more car related videos for your listening pleasure!

This song was a huge hit for Neil Young. It's been covered by many well known artists and played at funerals and memorial services by probably thousands of people, as a tribute to their lost loved ones. But what most people don't/didn't realize, is that the song is actually about a car. Yup... not just any old car either. It's about a 1954 Cadillac hearse that Neil and his band (Buffalo Springfield) used as a kind of "band bus" to get them from show to show. It broke down on the way to a show they were heading to, somewhere near Sudbury, Ontario in 1965 and he wrote this song as a way of saying thank you to the car for all of the times that it got the band where they needed to go.  I know... makes it seem silly that so many people have used this song as a way of memorializing someone they loved, but we are talking about the great Neil Young here. Who else could make a song about a car, mean so much to so many?


  1. I love your new car. It is so shiny. I don't know how don't look at it every five minutes. :constantly distracted by shiny things: Anyway, I can understand your infatuation. I hope she is ever so comfortable to ride in... oh, so important. And, I would listen to your songs but our internet connection is sucking and everything is sticking when I try to play it. Every 15 seconds the video hangs up. I hate that. Anyway, I will try to remember to come back and give it a listen tomorrow.

    1. Thanks, Rob! To be honest, I wasn't sure that I'd be too thrilled about the whole new car thing. As loopy as it might sound, I had a bit of an emotional attachment to the VW. Buying that car was the first positive/new/happy experience we had after coming through 4 of the most difficult years that we've ever been through as a family and it felt like life might finally be headed in a better, more healing direction. (if that makes any sense at all) I'm sorry that you weren't able to watch the videos. Knowing our similar taste in music/lyrics, I'm pretty sure you'd enjoy them... especially the Neil Young song. I really hope your internet connection gets better soon. It's so frustrating when that kind of nonsense happens. GRRR!

  2. Ooo! She's pretty. Congrats. We are shopping for a new vehicle right now and I would love to have a RAV4 but we need something a little... bigger. *sigh* (I hate minivans.)

    1. Aww thanks, Becca! So, you guys are car shopping too, eh? Have you checked out any of the "crossover" models like the Chevy Traverse? They look like an SUV, but have all of the space of a minivan. We saw a couple of them and they're really sweet. Much too big for us, but perfect for a growing family like yours. (I sound like a rep for Chevy, right? I promise that I'm not. LOL) Either way, best of luck with your search! :~)

  3. Congrats! Love your new car!! Pretty color, too. Let us know as you discover new goodies about it!


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