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Monday, April 9, 2012

Dogs Rule, Cats Drool?

Because our daughter has no "human" children yet, the two grand-dogs always come to visit when she does.  Now, Dad and I love to see them....

Our three furry kids do not.

After four days of barking, drooling and jumping around like monkeys at the zoo, when my grand"kids" finally go back home....

Tonka (aka Donkey)

Miss Lily (her bite IS as bad as her bark!)

This is what my (much releived) "kids" do:


Miss Pretty Girl


For days and days and days.....


  1. My cats do that after my human grandkids visit. I get the feeling they don't enjoy the company of children! ~ Maureen

  2. awww- I LOVE LOVE LOVE Frenchies...can't they all just get along??

    What cuties Lil Miss B. has:)


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