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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Many The Miles ~ STMUSS

If you're as discombobulated as I've been about the upcoming phase out of Google Friend Connect (GFC) and the ensuing shift to Google+ (G+), please check out my other blog Go Ahead... Take A Bite! on Monday for the first part in a series of tutorials that I'm putting together!

Hey kids! I'm away visiting relatives this weekend, but I couldn't miss out on my favorite Saturday party! So, here we go... It's Songs That Make Us Sing Saturday!

The first time I heard a Sara Bareilles song, I knew I'd be buying whatever she produced, both before and since that day. There's a hell of a lot of raw talent packed into that tiny frame and boy, can she belt it out when she wants to.

It wasn't easy to pick just one song from her ever expanding catalog of hits, so I'm posting two of my "Sara favorites" and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

She sorta kinda drops a teeny tiny "f-bomb" about two minutes in, but you can barely hear it. Sorry.


Now that's one talented lady.

Here's your ticket to the best musical Saturday party in town!  Come on along and join in on the fun!

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  1. I'm using my relative's computer cuz hubby wouldn't let me bring mine... He thought it might be a rude thing for me to do. Hmph! What does he know, huh?

    Anyway.... Just mentioning this because I've tried to leave comments for some of my fellow STMUSS buddies and for some reason this 'puter won't let me do it. (I think it thinks I'm a spy) Long story short ~ too late! I'm not being rude. Promise.

    I'll stop by and say howdy to y'all on Monday, 'K? (maybe even Sunday night if I'm not too tired or hurting from the drive!)

  2. I like her, too. Good song choices:-)

  3. I love her, too!

    I had not heard the song before. I'll be adding it to my i-pod today--just as soon as I figure out how ;-)

    Wouldn't it be nice to hang out on that dock in the video??


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