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Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Didn't Know My Own Strength ~ STMUSS

It's Time For Songs That Make Us Sing Saturday!

Just two short weeks ago, the music industry and everyone in the world who loves music, appreciates talent and celebrates a persevering soul, lost one of the most beloved stars of our time... Ms. Whitney Houston.

It doesn't matter that she stumbled. It doesn't matter how she lived her life, who she married or why she divorced. And it doesn't matter how she died.

What matters is that she was born with a gift and for most of her life, she shared that gift with the world. What matters is that through it all, she loved her family, she loved her fans and no matter what challenges she faced, she loved the One who blessed her with that gift.

This song was written and produced in 2009 for Whitney's "comeback" album "I Look To You" by the award winning musical team of David Foster and Diane Warren. The words and music may have been written by others, but the song was Whitney's truth.

Rest In Peace, Whitney.

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  1. The world lost one of its finest song birds for sure. So sad and pointless. She will be missed!

  2. I love this! So many people come down on stars for the mistakes they made instead of remembering the people they were at the core. I love Whitney!


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